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Optimize - The Product

In today's urbanized society with evermore rising prices for office space, companies have opted for an open office environment. This layout enables companies to maximize office space by having a more compact layout. Many companies also state that by having workers sat together enables more collaboration. It is a fact that open offices create better circumstances for idea sharing but the issue is that these interactions can take place in unwanted situations as well as to interrupt other individuals who are not partaking in the discussion. Our tool is designed to keep all the benefits of an open office whilst minimizing the drawbacks. We achieve these results not by eliminating human interactions but by creating an environment where these interactions occur in the right place and time.

Ethan Bernstein, a professor at Harvard Business School, according to his research article "The truth about open offices" concludes that employees have a hard time concentrating when working in an open office setup due to distractions and a loud work environment. This leads to inefficient work from the employees because of lacking concentration and workflow. How can the employees find the perfect balance between good work performance and at the same time be able to share ideas and collaborate with their colleagues? The answer is Optimize!

Optimize is based on three key features


the Opti-timer has been developed to help employees focus better by creating focus and break periods, where individuals work in shorter intervals and take shorter planned breaks. Working in this manner enables deeper focus and learning, we also recognize the fact that humans are unique, that is why we have designed the Opti-timer to be 100% configurable for everyone to create their optimal work environment.


  • Length for focus period (25-30 minutes is recommended)
  • Length for short break (5-7 minutes is recommended)
  • Length for long break (25-30 minutes is recommended)
  • After how many focus periods will a long break take place (4-6 periods are recommended)

Work status

  • Individual should not be interrupted

  • Open for collaboration

The live Dashboard

The dashboard seamlessly integrates our two previous functions, the users will be able to see who is in what work status if they are in a break or focus session as well as their colleague's timers. This will create an environment where workers can focus better with the help of the timer and minimize distractions because everyone can see who is not to be disturbed.